Nine Chronicles Unity Project Guide

This document provides the basic steps for launching Nine Chronicles inside the Unity game editor, where you can access various debug features and unlock every items & content for demo purposes.
What a collection

Step-by-step instructions to launch Nine Chronicles inside Unity Editor

Install Unity Hub
Visit Unity download archive to install Unity 2020.3.4 version
Click the green Unity Hub button, and screen below will pop up.
Click install to add Unity 2020.3.4
Install Git version control system if you haven't (instructions)
Using a terminal / console app, clone Nine Chronicles repository by typing the command below:
git clone https://github.com/planetarium/NineChronicles.git
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Navigate to the cloned directory (cd NineChronicles) and run the commands:
git config core.hooksPath hooks git submodule update --init --recursive
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Open Unity Hub, move to the Projects tab, add the nekoyume folder inside the NineChronicles folder. (Trivia: Nekoyume was our project code name )
1) Click the ADD button
2) Navigate to the NineChronicles folder, and select the folder named nekoyume
3) nekoyume was added, and is now ready to launch!
Launch nekoyume project. Because the Unity Engine is importing the game assets for the first time, it may take a while. Once this step is complete, use the Project tab to open the scene file called Game inside the Assets/_Scenes folder.
Double click on the Game file inside Assets/_Scenes folder.
For the last step, we need to initialize the blockchain data (genesis block) before launching the game. From the menu, navigate to Tools/Libplanet section, and run Delete All(Editor) - Make Genesis Block for Dev to Streaming Assets Folder.
This will create a new Genesis Block.
Press the play button (middle of the screen) to launch the game!
You may need to create a new key or type in your passphrase
Items are fully unlocked by default
Fully clad!
As always, if you're having any issue, please visit our team of developers on Discord!

Disabling Screen Components to Record

By deactivating UI components from the Hierarchy view, you can take video captures without extra layers. Below is a short tutorial to activate / deactivate components inside the Unity Editor: