Nine Chronicles



Why did you decide to work on blockchain gaming?


Why use Blockchain?
What is Mining?
Should I turn Mining on or off?
Who are the nodes?

Licensing, Modding, Commercialization

What is the licensing for Nine Chronicles, and can I freely mod it?
Can I sell new services or code based on Nine Chronicles?


Will adding content be limited to placing and re-using assets provided by Planetarium, or can gamers/modded add entire new assets as well?
That way it's very possible that the creative direction of Nine Chronicles will be abandoned... correct?
What elements of the game are stored on the blockchain? Is gameplay itself on the blockchain, all items, only certain items, spells, potions?
The subtitle of Nine Chronicles is "The First Chapter", what does that mean? Is this the first game? Will new levels only be added in new chapters?
How will the process of adding levels work? Like Mario Maker, on-the-go, whenever a level is finished by a modder? Or only when approved by Planetarium.
Which platforms are you looking at for launch? Web? Steam? Playstation? Switch?
Nine Chronicles will be entirely build on the blockchain (Right?!)
Why not only build ownership in the game and have the rest of the game run on centralized servers?
While playing the game, gamers will be able to gather resources and make items that will be NFTs. Cool, so gamers can work and make money, basically. But when gamers design a new level, can they also add NFTs to the game that are for example super rare?
Nine Chronicles will rely on micropayments to sell content. You at Planetarium will be making content, but also third party modders. These new levels / games, do they need to follow the same principles of Nine Chronicles.... as in, they are also side scrolling games?
To what extend is Nine Chronicles comparable with Dreams on PS4, or something like Game Maker / Unity?
So if I want, would I be able to use Nine Chronicles to make a third person action game for example? Or a shooter?
I turned Mining off, but when I entered a stage, it says "Mining Transaction". What's happening?
I see Reorg happens a lot. What exactly is it?
My launcher is stuck on Preloading and/or My account activation is stuck on verifying. What should I do?
Is Nine Chronicles an Ethereum Game?
Nine Chronicle's Average Block Discovery Time
What hashing algorithm does Nine Chronicles use?
Why is Private Key Important?
I know the Prosperity Meter is used to refill our AP, but how is the Prosperity Meter filled, and how fast does it get filled?
Where is my Nine Chronicles ID?
Is there an option that lets me mine with more than 1 core?
They say Nine Chronicles is Free-to-Play. Why do I need an Invitation Code?
Invitation Code Private Key, Nine Chronicles ID: They all look the same to me, so what's the difference? Explain like I'm 5
How can I check my activity and transactions in the block explorer?
What's the status of the Physical Collector's Package from presale?

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG)

NCG Maximum Supply Cap?
Is it possible to exchange NCG yet?
How much NCG should I expect to obtain every hour from Mining?
Can NCG be traded on Uniswap?
What happens to the 8% market tax and the NCG fees from crafting? Are they burned?
I noticed that stages doesn't give Gold. How can I earn Gold?

Withdrawal (Onboarding portal)

How long does it take to withdraw?
My withdrawal transaction is failed. What should I do?
I can not make new withdrawal request.