Nine Chronicles


About Nine Chronicles

What is Nine Chronicles?
Nine Chronicles is a free-to-play blockchain Idle MMORPG powered by the players. The game is a 100% decentralized fantasy world and is the first game based on Libplanet, a new Distributed Ledger Technology library for implementing P2P MMO games.
Who is the developer of Nine Chronicles?
The game is developed by Nine Corporation and published by Planetarium Labs.
On which platforms is the game available?
The game is available on PC and Mobile (limited launch to Asia at the moment). The mobile version doesn’t have the in-game marketplace yet, so playing on PC is recommended. You can also play on both platforms simultaneously for a better experience.
What do I need to start playing the game?
The game is free, so create an account and play.
You can create your account from:
Why not only build ownership in the game and have the rest of the game run on centralized servers?
What happens when the centralized servers shut down? Will the "ownership" really matter if you can't access the game world?
Is this game on Ethereum?
No, The game runs on its blockchain, but the game token (NCG) can be wrapped to the ETH and BNB chain.
The D:CC NFTs are also on the Ethereum chain.
What Blockchain is the game using?
The game uses its unique blockchain developed by Planetarium. Every single action done in the game is a transaction on the blockchain.
What elements of the game are stored on the blockchain? Is gameplay itself on the blockchain, all items, only certain items, spells, potions?
Everything is stored on the blockchain. We've been working on a new blockchain engine to make this as easy as possible:
What hashing algorithm does it use?
SHA256, similar to Bitcoin
Why are the game timers in blocks?
Since the game runs fully on the blockchain, the actual unit of measurement is the block number. Usually, blocks run around 11 seconds.
Are there NFTs in this game?
All the in-game items are technically NFTs, but they only exist on the Libplanet blockchain and can only be traded using the in-game market.
D:CC is an NFT collection on the Ethereum chain made by the game team. They can be used as profile pictures and as in-game costumes. They can also be staked.
You cannot mint them anymore but you can buy them from other players or from NFT websites such as OpenSea.
I know the Prosperity Meter is used to refill our AP, but how is the Prosperity Meter filled, and how fast does it get filled?
The Prosperity Meter is filled slowly as blocks are mined. For every 1 block mined, the Prosperity Bar increases by 1. The speed at which blocks are mined varies, however, so the actual amount of time it takes for the Prosperity Meter to be fully filled is not always the same. The Prosperity Meter requires 1700 blocks to be fully filled. If we assume that the average block time at that time period is 12 seconds, then it would take roughly 340 minutes, or 5 hours and 40 minutes for the Prosperity Meter to fill.


Invitation Code Private Key, Nine Chronicles ID: They all look the same to me, so what's the difference? Explain like I'm 5
They may all look like they've been randomly generated, and perhaps, they really are. What differentiates them is their purpose.
Invitation Code = Used to activate a newly created Nine Chronicles Account. You can find the Invitation CodeField after logging in from the Launcher. One-time use only.
Private Key = This is like the Secret PIN of your Bank Cards. Show this to people and you are pretty much doomed. A Private Key is used to gain access to an account, recover an account, and change the account password. Basically, having a Private Key is like having the key to a bank vault.
Nine Chronicles ID = This is widely known as a Cryptocurrency Address to many. It looks similar to Private Keys and Invitation Codes in the sense that they look like an incomprehensible set of randomly generated characters ( I mean, they probably are... Yeah ), but you can differentiate between them because a Nine Chronicles ID will always, always start with 0x. Your Nine Chronicles ID is also used to accept NCG transfers from another player, so it is safe to show to other people. Although, people who has your Nine Chronicles ID can check your account activity through the block explorer.
Where is my Nine Chronicles ID?
If you have created a Nine Chronicles account, open your launcher. Look for the random string of characters that starts with 0x, and you have your answer.
Why is Private Key Important?
Nine Chronicles uses blockchain technology to run, and it doesn't have a central server or a central authority. While blockchain technology has its pros, it also has its cons. We can't change passwords the same way we change passwords everywhere else, and we also can't just log in on new devices as easily as in traditional platforms and games.
Private Key is important because:
  • It is one of only two means a player can recover their account in case they had to change device
  • It is the only means a player can change their password
  • Private Key ownership entails ownership of the entire account, including characters, currency, and items
These are the reasons we always remind everyone to back up their Private Keys securely and never to share with anybody else. (Members of Planetarium or CST will never ask for your private key). Losing your Private Key is akin to losing everything you own in the game; no one can help you recover it.
Where do I find my Private Key?
You can copy it from the in-game settings.
Is there any way I can get my private key back?
No, only you can access your private key, so it’s to you to back it up safely.
How can I check my activity and transactions in the block explorer?
Go to and search for your address (Nine Chronicles ID).
All your actions are visible to everyone.

NCG (Nine Chronicles Gold)

What is NCG (Nine Chronicles Gold)?
Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) is the main currency used in the world of Nine Chronicles. Players can spend NCG to craft powerful items, trade with other users, challenge each other, and accelerate growth.
NCG isn't necessary in the beginning stages of exploration, but the game is designed so that NCG's needs are gradually increased as players grow more powerful. Eventually, players can stake NCG to earn potions and unique items that can be used by them or sold to other users for profit.
NCG Maximum Supply Cap?
1,000,000,000 NCG ( 1 Billion NCG )
What is WNCG?
WNCG is the cryptocurrency and is an erc20 coin (Wrapped Nine Chronicle Gold), Not to be confused with NCG (Nine Chronicle Gold), which is the game currency of the Nine Chronicles Game and can be converted to WNCG with the ratio of 1:1
How can I earn Nine Chronicles Gold?
  • Participate in the events:
    • For now, the main event is the Arena. It pays NCG only during the competitive seasons — they are announced in advance, and the top players get most of the rewards, but everyone who joins earns something.
  • Trade:
    • Sell what you craft for NCG in the in-game market.
  • Do the onboarding activities:
    • The onboarding website rewards daily playing, and there are some additional tasks you can complete for more NCG.
  • Get involved in the community:
    • If you can bring valuable contribution, you might get paid for it.
    • Some examples: join the content creator program or if you have programming skills and some ideas, and you can apply for a grant.
Where can NCG be traded?
NCG is only available in the game, but WNCG can be traded on external platforms.
What is NCG Staking a.k.a Monster Collection
In Nine Chronicles, players can receive AP potions, Hourglasses, and other limited consumables regularly by staking NCG. Specifically, AP potions and Hourglasses, which are crucial for the character’s growth acceleration, can only be generated by staking NCG.
The demand for these two items would naturally increase as the competition between the players intensifies. This finally contributes to the appreciation of NCG. Along with receiving in-game items that can be sold to other players, the staking feature also effectively reduces the surplus supply of NCG. In this way, the game business is shared along with the players!
Are there rewards for staking NCG?
The in game staking doesn’t directly give NCG but the rewards can be traded. Players earn Action Point potions (they replenish the in game “energy”), Hourglasses (they can be used to finish the crafting faster) and also get passive perks and bonuses (more arena rewards, more crystals gained, lower energy cost for actions).
Players can also stake WNCG outside of the game and get WNCG in return.
What happens to the 8% market tax and the NCG fees from crafting? Are they burned?
The NCG from market tax and crafting fees aren't exactly burned. They don't completely disappear. Instead, they move to an inaccessible address we call the Treasury Account. The treasury account is time-locked, and so the NCG that moves there cannot go out until this lock is lifted.
Can players mine NCG?
No, the community mining has been disabled, and the chain is now transitioning towards a Proof of Stake system.

Withdrawal (Nine Chronicles portal)

How long does it take to withdraw?
Once your withdrawal request is submitted, it may take 10~30 minutes depending on the network conditions. You can find your transaction ID (Tx ID) on Withdrawal history in "My Account > Withdrawal", and you can monitor the status with it. If your withdrawal request requires an approval from Planetarium, it may take up to 3 business day.
My withdrawal transaction is failed. What should I do?
If the withdrawal transaction is failed, your NCG will be returned back to your portal balance within 24 hours. If the issue persists, please contact via Discord(Community Menu -> Discord) on #help-request.
I can not make new withdrawal request.
You must be eligible to withdraw your NCG in portal balance. When you don’t meet the minimum requirements for withdrawal, you can check the reason from the portal. If you believe there’s something wrong with the system or your account, please contact via Discord(Community Menu -> Discord) on #help-request.

Licensing, Modding, Commercialization

What is the licensing for Nine Chronicles, and can I freely mod it?
Nine Chronicles and the related repositories are/will be licensed under GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).
The GNU Affero General Public License is a modified version of the ordinary GNU GPL version 3 with one added requirement: if you run a modified program on a server and let other users communicate with it there, you must also open source the code corresponding to the modified version. This includes nodes that interact with other nodes, or modified services based on the Nine Chronicles repositories. It does not currently cover programs that talk to the nodes via GraphQL.
We created the Nine Chronicles ecosystem to be a place where moding and alterations can freely occur, as long as they benefit the whole community. We realized it is best if the modifications benefited the whole ecosystem and people could build upon the best ideas generated by the community. Discussion on Stack Exchange: "The AGPL is a response to criticism in the open source community that many cloud operators, Internet service providers, and some HPC and financal industry shops devote enormous resources to tuning, tweaking, and improving their open source deployments, yet because they never "distribute" products based on the code, are effectively immune to copyleft."
Can I sell new services or code based on Nine Chronicles?
Nine Chronicles and the related repositories are/will be licensed under GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).
AGPL allows developers to make commercial modifications, as long as they are open sourced under the same license. There are many business models for open source projects, and we're happy to brainstorm and support project development through our grant program.