✈️How to play

How to create an account

Nine Chronicles launcher is necessary to create your character. If you don't have the game client yet, please check the installation guide first and continue to create your account.

  1. When you execute the game launcher, you will see this sign-up dialogue. Click the Create New Account button to create a new account.

  2. In this dialogue, you should decide on a password for your account. Write the same password in the two text boxes. After that, you must enter an activation code to finish your account creation. If you don't have one yet, you can get it from your friends, official discord, or join the portal.

  3. All done. Click Start button to launch the game and let’s create your avatar.

After you finish the activation, you may find your Nine Chronicle address on the launcher. This 42-character address is your account to play game, trade/craft items or collect rewards. Don't forget to connect your Nine Chronicles address to the portal after you finished your account creation, and keep your private key secure.

How to create a new character

For new account without any character, there will be an intro cut scene. You can create a new character after you watching it.

1. You can create 3 characters per account. Click the NEW CHARACTER button.

2. You can choose hair, eyes, ear, and tail type to make each character unique. If you decide on the style, click the CREATE button.

Character’s status

  • HP: The character’s hit point. if it goes to 0, the character loses the battle.

  • ATK: Attack power. You can see how much damage you can do to the enemy.

  • DEF: Defense power. You can see how much damage you can defend from the enemy.

  • CRI: This is the percentage of how often you can make critical attacks.

  • HIT: You can get a higher chance of attack if your hit points are higher.

  • SPD: Speed of the character. A character can do more actions than enemies.

3. Choose your nickname. Nickname must be between 2-20 characters and can only include alphanumeric characters. If you decide the name, click the OK button.

4. Finished! 😎 You can now explore the world of Nine Chronicles.

Start your first adventure

1. Tutorial

1. When you first enter Nine Chronicles, Alex will guide you to the portal to the dungeons.

2. If you press the portal, you will enter Stage 1. On every feature, a help popup will appear the first time you enter.

3. When you clear the stage, you can gain experience and materials, and move on to the next stage.

4. For the next stage, the cat warrior seems to be heading deeper into the forest. Remember the chain-shaped loading indicator. It is in the process of spreading your game history data to the blockchain.

5. After stage 3, Alex will guide you to the workshop.

6. If you clear the stage, you can get equipment recipes. Unlock the recipe and craft your first sword.

7. The tutorial is over! Now, let me introduce the main systems.

2. Stage battle

1. As an idle RPG, during the battle there are no required controls from the player’s side. The battle is fully simulated when a block is finalized, so your equipments will determine the fate of each battle. You can see how the battle unfolds here.


If you win the battle, you can earn experience points. If it is enough to level up, your character will become more powerful. Every stage has its first Clear Reward. As we provide key items to proceed with the next stage, it will be fun to look at the Rewards tab and predict what challenges will come next.

You didn’t get three stars on the stage? Don’t worry. You can earn rewards even if you don't perfectly clear a stage. If you don’t get three stars, you won’t be able to move on to the next stage, but you can come back after getting stronger. Additionally, you can still earn materials as rewards, which can be used to craft new items. See also Create your own item section.

Also, clearing the stage unlocks more content. Nine Chronicles is full of advanced contents such as workshop, market, elemental stages and PvP battle arena.


Even if you lose the battle, you can earn some experience, and sometimes even materials. Go find an easier stage and raise your level, or learn the stage’s enemy pattern so that you can equip better gear.

4. On this page, you can decide which equipment and consumables to use for this stage adventure. This will be the most important step to defeat the higher stages. If you are ready to proceed, click the START button. It will use ⭐️ 5AP.

Every action of Nine Chronicles uses “Action Power”. You can refill the action power by clicking the glowing Prosperity Meter below when it is full.

Create your own item

You can create new items by using the materials you gathered inside dungeons. The number of slots for crafting or upgrading is limited to 4. You can see this in the workshop menu at the bottom. Optimizing what to craft when will affect your growth schedule.


The equipment tab has a variety of recipes. Gather materials through stage battle to forge a stronger gear. Each equipment has three sub-recipes. The better the recipe, the harder it is to collect the material, and sometimes NCG will be needed. Each recipe produces randomized result, which may vary wildly between crafts.

The higher the stage you clear, the more recipes you can choose from. Open the locked slots one by one and upgrade your equipment.


You can gather various materials from the Nine Worlds to create food consumables. Food only works for a single stage, but the effect is powerful. If you create more delicious food, it will have a variety of added effects, which is very useful when exploring higher-level stages.

Crafting a new item takes time. You can check the progress through the workshop slot. Items will be delivered via mail when crafting is completed.

You can check the progress of both equipment and consumables in the quest menu on the top right of the screen. If they are completed, you will get a notification. Don't forget to click on the button to receive the goods.


You can upgrade existing equipment by combining them with items that have the same grade and level. It will be very helpful if you have lots of same level equipment. The first few upgrades are free, but the rest will cost NCG.

You can upgrade equipment by consuming 1 piece of equipment of the same upgrade level and of the same rank. If the upgrade is successful, the upgrade level increases by 1 and the stat increases by 8-12%. At certain upgrade levels, the options acquired by the equipment are also enhanced. If the upgrade fails, the material equipment disappears.

How to trade items

You need to reach stage 17 to activate item trade.

Nine Chronicles aims to be a fully decentralized P2P MMO, so there are no items sold by NPCs or game companies! Since all items are traded between players, the price of the item is determined by the market economy.


You can use gold to buy items that others have put on the sales list. Explore and purchase items created by adventurers. You can also buy items from different categories at once.


Sell your equipment and monster collection rewards. When selling an item, it is entirely up to you to determine the price. Watch the market price carefully. If you submit your items for sale, the items will not be available for dungeons.

How to challenge others

You need to reach stage 25 to challenge others. Step inside the arena to challenge other users! Each challenge consumes a ticket, and the rating is reset every week.

The arena will reset its battle count after a set interval (currently approx. 6 hours), and the number of attempts will be limited to five. If you challenge a stronger opponent, you will gain more points and food material.


Who are the top champions of Nine Chronicles? The ranking page offers various lists to identify our top players.

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