We've been developing the blockchain toolkit in C#/.NET for decentralized game.

Libplanet is a .NET library for creating the multiplayer online game in a decentralized fashion, which means the whole gameplay occurs on a peer-to-peer network among equal nodes rather than an authorized central server. Under the hood, it incorporates many features (e.g., digital signature, BFT consensus, data replication) of a blockchain.

It has competitive advantages over other solutions for decentralized gaming:

  • Embeddable: A game app does not have to communicate with another running process, hence it doesn't require extra marshaling or processes management. To draw a parallel, Libplanet is closer to SQLite than MySQL or PostgreSQL.

  • Isomorphic: Libplanet is a .NET library, so every game logic can be written in the same language, C#, and run on the blockchain. No glue code or "smart contracts" are needed.

  • Token-independent: Unlike almost every blockchain system, it does not force users to create and deal with yet-another-cryptocurrency. Your game can be free to play, and enjoyed by regular gamers.

To learn more about why Planetarium is creating technology for fully decentralized games, please refer to our blog post.

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