Recover your portal access

Check this document when you're not able to access your Twitter or Discord.


Previously, the Nine Chronicles portal only supported Twitter for signing up. This meant that if you lost access to your Twitter account, you couldn’t access your portal account. To prevent this, we have created a feature that allows you to recover your portal account access by verifying your ownership of a Nine Chronicles address.

This feature is a temporary solution that can only be utilized if you encounter issues with a thrid-party account provider that was previously linked to your Portal account. To log-in, you will need your Nine Chronicles address and keystore file or private key. Additionally, Ensure that your address is not connected from other networks, such as Ethereum.

How to recover your access to the portal account

To recover your access, you need to follow 3 steps.

  1. Verify your ownership of the Nine Chronicles address connected to your portal account. To do this, you can import your private key into your preferred wallet service, such as Metamask or Wallet Connect.

  2. After verifying your ownership, you may then connect other social accounts. Currently, we support Discord as an alternative.

How to import your Nine Chronicles address to wallet

This guide only covers the use of Metamask. Other wallet services such as Coinbase wallet and Wallet Connect are also supported. For detailed instructions, please refer to the documentation for each respective wallet service.

Please refer to the instructions below or to this page.

From the Metamask extension…

(The Mobile version of Metamask does not support this function)

1. On the Import page, expand the dropdown from “Select Type”.

2. Select “JSON File”.

3. Click “Choose File” and locate the file from your computer.

  • You can locate your JSON file on the PC where you have installed and played Nine Chronicles. The directory for the file can be found below:

  • Or, you can locate your JSON file from the launcher. (Setting > Open keystore Folder)

4. Enter the password that protects your JSON file

You need to type your 9C password that type in on the launcher to start the game. NOT Metamask Password!!

  1. Click “Import”.

  2. Check if your 9C address shows on your Metamask.

  3. And, now you are ready to verify your address ownership.

How to connect your wallet and verify the ownership

To verify your address ownership, we will request you to sign in with the wallet.

  1. Click “Connect wallet” button. Currently, Metamask, Coinbase and WalletConnect are supported.

  2. Click “Sign in and verify” to sign in with your Nine Chronicles address. If you connected wrong address, you can disconnect and switch it.

  3. After signing in with the Nine Chronicles address that you registered with the portal, you will see your portal account and another “Sign in” menu. This time, sign in with the service you want to connect to your portal account, such as Discord.

  4. That’s it! Now you can access your portal with the newly connected account. Visit the Nine Chronicles portal or click the button in the menu and sign in with the connected account.

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