Nine Chronicles

Release Notes

v100360 - 2

  • Fixing the phenomenon of not being able to log in due to a private key issue
  • Fixing the phenomenon that used to be infinitely updated with APV issues
  • Fix the phenomenon that the key part of the login window is empty by default and must be selected by clicking the drop-down
  • Fix the phenomenon where the launcher icon was displayed as the previous icon


New World Boss Saehrimnir Added
  • The new World Boss raid will open between February 4th (6002801) and February 11th (6053200).
Workshop - Update of 3 types of rune open
Saehrimnir HIT Rune, Stat, Rare, HIT Increase, All
Saehrimnir DEF Rune, Stat, Epic, DEF Increase, Adventure & Arena
Saehrimnir Strike Rune, Skill, Unique, Crit Damage Increase and HP Increase, All
The specification of the golden leaf rune has been changed.
  • Add ATK Stat
  • Change Skill Cooldown 10 -> 16, Buff_duration 6->12
When using the stage repeat function, it has been changed so that it can proceed using AP potion.
Improvement so that the equipment to be ground can be selected immediately with one click during grinding.
Arena off-season rules have been improved.
  • In the offseason, you can use multiple tickets at once.
  • In the offseason, the battle restriction rule does not apply for 4 seconds in a row.
  • In the off-season, the battle restriction rule against an opponent who has a different rating from himself does not apply. (However, only the opponent who has a +-100 point difference with the loading issue will be displayed.)
Receive all your mailbox mail at once has been added.
The story introduction displayed at the start of the game has been modified to skip automatically if you are above level 50.
The maximum slot for the Shop at bucket feature has been changed to 8 → 20.
Improved buff effects to occur sequentially at intervals when using the skill where two or more buffs occur simultaneously.
Change the name Consumable to Food


Interface related
  • V1 launcher interface and monster collection V1 support terminated.
  • Launch side local node execution support has ended.
  • Remove the relevant factor settings page. (Chain path, folder name, clear cache, use local node, etc.)
  • Launcher no longer supports preloading (downloading and managing snapshots).
  • The settings associated with mining are removed.
  • The number of staking NCG digits that can be entered in the Monster Collection will be changed from a maximum of 8 to a maximum of 9.
Releases Related
  • The launcher will no longer be deployed with the headless.
  • The current version will follow the APV version, but future headless and launcher releases will be carried out separately
  • Remove the headless factor from config.json.
More information can be found at the following link.

### [Bugfix]

Correcting the phenomenon in which the experience value of characters above level 300 was marked as minus.
Correct the phenomenon that cannot proceed due to an error when entering the battle after upgrading the equipment being equipped.
Fix the phenomenon in which the simulator operated as if the buff was applied when fighting with another avatar of the same address after pulling out a one-time buff.
Correct the abnormal operation of the confirmation button of the production & reinforcement production several times.
If multiple runeslots are installed in different runeslots, if different runes are installed in different slots, correct the phenomenon that was not normally released and worn
Fix the skill icon in the stage one-time buff that did not match the name


v100350 - 2

Planned for realease On 27th Dec, 2022.
  • Change the recommended CP mark in Stage Combat Preparation to the required CP mark (no actual data change. Only the data displayed has been changed.)
  • Workshop - also supports auto-scrolling according to your slot open status on the Consumable tab


  • Correcting the phenomenon of abnormal performance of material acquisition and guide quests
  • Modify the phenomenon that NCG was not renewed when purchasing additional event dungeon tickets
  • Fixing a phenomenon in which distortion was displayed too strongly on a world map
  • Guide quest coordinate misalignment phenomenon
  • Fixing the phenomenon of MyCP text color initialization when inventory is turned on and off in battle preparation


Planned for realease On 21th Dec, 2022.
  • Winter Seasonal Event Starts
    • Show main lobby winter event set
    • Full loading image winter event display
    • Change the v100350 Title Background
    • Winter event dungeon/recipe open
      • The winter event dungeons will run from December 23, 2022 (5687001 block) to January 20, 2023 (5886000 block).
  • Update event dungeon convenience
    • Guide quests for the highest event dungeon that can be challenged in the main lobby will always appear.
    • A red alert is added to the highest stage that can be challenged on the stage selection screen.
    • If you run out of tickets on the Event Dungeon Results screen, you can immediately purchase tickets and try again on the next stage or the current stage without returning to the Ready screen or lobby.
  • Add crystal (per price) optione to the shop sorting options.
    • This is the part where the sorting function is added to display the most efficient equipment first by dividing the crystals that can be obtained during grinding.
  • Event banners and pop-ups in the main lobby have been renewed and the ability to check release notes has been added.
  • Changed Stage Sweep Required CP (decreased figures required for Sweep)
    • The Sweep Required CP change also changes the Stage Recommended CP.
    • Stage Recommended CP Formula : Stage Sweep Required CP *1.25
  • Added World Boss Battle Sfx.
  • Runpage UI improvement, sound effect modification
  • UI Optimization, Improved frame due to reduced overall memory usage.


  • [Arena] Correction of the phenomenon of high CP output in Arena detail list
  • [Arena] Fixing the phenomenon of different user's runes being output differently
  • [Arena] Correction of background abnormalities in the period marking part of the arena
  • [Sweep] Fixed a phenomenon with 10 AP-port defaults when entering the sweep
  • [Redeem code] Redeem code pop-up error correction
  • [World Boss] Correction of abnormalities in the background image of the World Boss period display part
  • [Inventory] Correct the green arrow on equipment with the same CP
  • [Main lobby] Correct the phenomenon of incorrect output of the CONFORM message when refilling the prosperity box
  • [Adventure] Fixing the phenomenon that the last food box looks lifted in the early stages of entry


Planned for release On 14th Dec, 2022.


  • Added run production and level-up capabilities
    • Workshop - Update of 5 types of rune open and level-up functions through rune pieces
| Rune | Type | Grade | Effect | Usable Contents | | Fenrir HP Run | Stat | Rare | HP Increase | Adventure / World Boss | | Fenrir ATK Run | Stat | Epic | ATK Increase | World Boss | | Fenrir Bleeding Run | Skill | Unique | Bleeding Effect and Increase ATK | All | | | Adventurer's Rune | Stat | Normal | Increase HP | All | | Golden leaf Run | Skill | Unique | Damage Reduction Effect and Increase HIT | All |
  • World Boss - When selecting a rune piece, update the ability to immediately go to the appropriate rune menu in the workshop
  • Added a new Rune sculpture acquisition destination
    • Adventurer's Rune Sculpture: Earned together when charging AP as a reward for prosperity.
    • Golden Leaf Rune Sculpture: Earned Staking Rewards
  • Revised Inventory UI
    • Add rune slots and reorganize to manage integrated slots such as equipment/costume/title
    • Break down into Adventure/Arena/World Boss tabs to set equipment for each content
    • Inventory to update rune mounting and related functions
  • Revised Battle Preparation Screen UI
    • Update rune mounting and related functions on the battle ready screen
    • When the left tab (Equipment/Food/Rune/Costium/Material) is pressed, correct to output the slot associated with each tab
    • Adventure - Recommended CP output, modified to recognize dominance/underdogs as text color (red/green) compared to my CP
    • Arena - Enemy CP output

Improve UI and fix bugs

  • [World Boss] Correct the phenomenon of S-rated effects out of range in the rating reward pop-up
  • [World Boss] Improvement to check the other party's equipment information in the ranking list
  • [Arena] Fixing the phenomenon that the equipment tab becomes smaller when selecting the costume tab on the battle preparation screen
  • [Production] Correcting the phenomenon in which the number of ingredients required for the event recipe is out of the area
  • [Craft] Modifying the phenomenon of showing recipe slots in the equipment and food production information UI


Planned for release On 29th Nov, 2022.


  • Arena Improvement
  • [Player] Adding a Grand Finale UI Adding the Grand Finale Event Recipe UI Championship 2 title and costume resources added Modify Arena Mission medal image to match new medal frame
  • [Lib9c] Add Grand Finale List Entry and Ranking Processing Grand Finale Exclusive Event Recipe Feature Added Adding Grand Finale title data Championship 2 title and costume compensation data added
  • Other improvements
  • [Player] Replace intro animation
  • [Lib9c] Change Stage Sweep Request CP
    • The CP demand value required to perform the sweep action per stage has increased. NCG Staking Monster Collection adds 'Golden Leaf Run' to the basic reward
  • [Launcher] A piece of "golden leaf rune" has been added to Staking's 50400-block base reward for every 6000 saved amount.
  • [Lib9c] A piece of "golden leaf rune" has been added to Staking's 50400-block base reward for every 6000 saved amount.
  • [Lib9c]Change World Boss Global HP
  • [Lib9c]Remove ByteSerializer
  • [Lib9c]Change serializing logic of ActionBase
    • Remove implementing ISerializable interface
    • Add TxId? TxId property
  • [Lib9c]Obsoleting ClaimStakeReward("claim_stake_reward2") at 5_549_200L
    • And ClaimStakeReward3("claim_stake_reward3") will be available at 5_549_201L
  • [Lib9c]Add BattleGrandFinale("battle_grand_finale")
  • [Lib9c]Add EventMaterialItemCrafts("event_material_item_crafts")
  • [Lib9c]Add TransferAssets("transfer_assets")

Bug Fixes

  • [Player] Fix a bug where the skill option image appeared as another image in the item reinforcement result
  • [Player] Fixed an abnormal bug in the World Boss result background output
  • [Player] Fixed a bug that was displayed strangely on the goods icon of the monster collection full benefit display


Planned for release On 8th Nov, 2022.

Bug Fixes

  • [Lib9c] Add a 100 limit capacity products on UpdateSell

Additional Deployment

Planned for release On 10th Nov, 2022.
  • [Launcher] Fixed a bug where the local mode was not compatible with some actions


Planned for release On 8th Nov, 2022.


  • [Lib9c] battle_arena6 updated
    • Purchase additional Arena tickets Change Max count to refer to ArenaSheet (limited to 40)
    • Add a limit on the number of purchases per arena ticket refill interval (limited to 8)
    • Increasing the Interval Validation Block for Battle Arena Action (2->4)
    • Reduce the cost of 100 to 250 stage buff Crystal by 1/4 compared to previously
  • [Player]
    • Show remaining time for subsequent seasons in Arena UI
    • Modify Arena List Alignment (change my rank to top when tied)
    • Ticket purchase related (add total purchase and interval limit count)
      • In the ongoing off-season, we inform you that the Max limit for the ticket refill section is set to 79, and the Max limit for the entire season is set to 80.
    • Added guidance function via World Boss Reward Mail
      • As the reward information mail function has been updated, you can check the runstone paid as a World Boss Season 1 reward by email.
    • Add World Boss Battle Animation Skip Feature
    • Change the description of the Fenrir specification of the abyss
    • Modify the default option to be selected as a premium recipe in the Supercraft pop-up
    • Change button click area of main lobby front popup to full area

Bug Fixes

  • [Player] Fixed a phenomenon in which the front pop-up of the main lobby was not properly printed


Release On 26th Oct, 2022.

Bug Fixes

  • [Lib9c]
    • Update BlockPolicySource.V100310ObsoleteIndex to 5_300_000 from 5_200_400
  • [Player]
    • Fixed a bug that prevented new users from entering the prologue and stopped on the black screen


Release on 20th Oct, 2022.

New Features

  • [Headless] Introduced new sub-commands for CLI as below.
    • action
    • market
    • state
    • account
  • [Headless] Added actionTxQuery query to GraphQL API to simplify unsignedTx query.
  • [Player] Added a new title for Arena Championship winner.
  • [Player] Added indicator for food on prepare screen.
  • [Player] Allowed recipe selection on the pop-up screen for the super craft.


  • [Headless] Adjusted the default configuration for sake of testing.
  • [Headless] Added updatedStates, updatedFungibleAssets, and fungibleAssetsDelta fields to TxResultType that used for transactionResult query.
  • [headless] Improved gRPC connection stability.
  • [Launcher] Improved invitation codes process.
  • [Libplanet] update version 0.43.1

Bug Fixes

  • [Launcher] Fixed a bug where clear cache UI hadn’t worked properly on the error page.
  • [Player] Fixed a bug where crystal balance hadn't been displayed properly against more than 1 million.
  • [Player] Fixed a bug where prevention code hadn't been worked expectdly while griding.
  • [Player] Fixed a bug where the wrong AP potion had been received as mail rewards.
  • [Player] Fixed stage rewards bug.
  • [Player] Fixed stage buff UI bug.
  • [Player] Fixed a bug where the wrong button had been activated in blacksmith.
  • [Player] Fixed a bug where items had been dispalyed in UI even after grinding.


Release on 4th Oct, 2022.

Bug Fixes

  • [Lib9c] Fixed a bug InvalidBlockStateRootHashException in old actions.
  • [Player] Fixed a bug where a player had tried to request unclaimable world boss rewards.


Release on 27th Sept, 2022.

Bug Fixes

  • [Lib9c] Fixed a bug where wrong world boss ticket refill interval.


Released on 27th Sept, 2022.

New Features

  • [Lib9c, Player, Headless, Launcher] Introduced new system for world boss.
  • [Headless] Introduced new query to get derived addresses.
  • [Headless] Introduced new query to query by given currency.


  • [Lib9c] TransferAsset Improvement - Avatar address can be use recipient.
    • Avatar address can't be use sender. be careful.
  • [Headless] Introduce state query for world boss contents.
  • [Launcher] Updater Improvement - stability updated.
  • [Launcher] Settings UI Improvement - can manual update Player/Launcher in Settings UI.

Bug Fixes

  • [Lib9c] Fixed a bug where missing migration avatar state in actions.
  • [Lib9c] Fixed a bug where wrong FungibleAssetValue input in Sell action.


Released on 7th Sept, 2022.


  • [Player] PFP Announce POPUP Banner updated
  • [Player] SELL UI Improvement - Disable the quantity button for equipment items

Bug Fixes

  • [Launcher] Fixed a bug where download player infinite loop


Released on 5th Sept, 2022.

New Features

  • [Player] Added views for Monster Collection to Unity Player.
  • [lib9c] Monster Collection became to provide AP as additional staking rewards.
  • [lib9c] AP consumption for actions (e.g., HackAndSlash ) became to be reduced by Monster Collection level.

Bug Fixes

  • [Player] Fixed a bug related displaying equipments on the shop.
  • [Player] Fixed a bug where the crystal indicator had been displayed unexpectedly.
  • [Player] Fixed a bug where the button had been displayed as Sweep, not Multi.
  • [Player] Fixed a bug where the item hadn't been removed from the crafting slots.
  • [Launcher] Fixed a bug where remaining blocks for Monster Collection rewards hadn't be displayed properly.


  • [Player] The guide quest UI became to be displayed properly.
  • [Player] The result screen became to display the information related to achieved stars while repeat battle.
  • [Player] The amount of owning hourglasses became to be displayed on the crafting slots.
  • [Launcher] The icons and views for the system rewards of Monster Collection became to be changed for easier understanding.


Released on 23rd Aug, 2022.

Bug Fixes

  • [Lib9c] Fixed a bug where the additional tickets for seasonal events had cost 10 times than expected.
  • [Player] Fixd a bug where the event period hadn't been displayed properly.


Released on 23rd Aug, 2022.

New Features

  • [Lib9c, Player] Introduced new system for seasonal events.
  • [Lib9c, Player] Introduced new system about "Super Crafting".
  • [Lib9c, Player] Introduced new world - "Jotunheim".

Bug Fixes

  • [Lib9c, Player] Fixed a bug where status hadn't been updated properly when user sold or enhance equipments already using on the arena.


Released on 17th Aug, 2022.
Note: This version can't be updated with previous updater automatically due to Electron bump. Please follow this instruction to update.


  • [Lib9c, Player] Reintroduced HackAndSlash.PlayCount to support repeated actions.
  • [Lib9c, Player] UpdateSell action became to suport re-registration all expired item at once on the shop.
  • [Player] The inventory of avatar became to display equipments on it as descending order of thier CP, instead of ascending.
  • [Player] The buff bonus popup became to display all buffs and its effect player can obtain.

Bug Fixes

  • [Player] Fixed a bug where the locked icon on the world map had not been displayed properly when new world unlocked by crystal.
  • [Lib9c, Player] Fixed a bug where players could have tried to challenge opponents who outside of +100~-100 raitings when offseason.


Released on 28th July, 2022.



  • Make V2 as a default interface — you may opt-out via settings but keep in mind that the legacy interface has been deprecated


  • Stage one-time buff improvement
    • If the stage is not cleared after buffing, the star is not reset to zero. After that, try clearing the stage through various buffs.
  • Stage Equipment Wear Screen Improvement
    • If you have a conceivable item in your possession when you enter the battle, display the conceivable item tab as the default tab
  • Improve stage result screen processing
    • Remove automatic return to lobby if clear fails, so you can make it easier to try again to get a star.
    • Add STAGEbuttons and features that return to the Battleground screen of the same stage