Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG)

The main currency used in the world of Nine Chronicles.
Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) is the main currency used in the world of Nine Chronicles. Players can spend NCG to craft powerful items, trade with other users, challenge each other, and accelerate growth.
NCG isn't necessary in the beginning stages of exploration, but the game is designed so that NCG's needs are gradually increased as players grow more powerful. Eventually, players can stake NCG to earn potions and unique items which can be used by them or sold to other users for profit.


In short, you can't buy NCG directly from DEX or Centralized Exchanges. Instead, you must buy Wrapped NCG (WNCG) form the exchange and transfer them into Nine Chronicles via Nine Chronicles Portal. WCNG will automatically converted into NCG during the process.

What is Wrapped NCG?

WNCG is a 1:1 NCG backed ERC-20 token that delivers the power of NCG with the flexibility of an ERC-20 token. We released a "Wrapped NCG" token (symbol: WNCG) on the Ethereum blockchain to make NCG publicly tradable and permanently immutable.

Decentralized Exchanges

Centralized Exchanges

Exchange between NCG & WNCG

When you have WNCG token in your Ethereum wallet, you can exchange WNCG to NCG on Nine Chronicles portal. You can find the menu "WNCG -> NCG", and you can exchange WNCG to NCG and send them to your Nine chronicles account.
You can also convert NCG to WNCG in the menu "Send NCG" of the Nine Chronicles Launcher. Please beware of the daily conversion limit, 5,000 NCG per day, and the minimum transfer amount, 100 NCG per transfer. To pay the gas fee, 1% of the NCG will be deducted by the bridge.

Spending NCG

⚖️ Trading Items

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NCG is used to sell or purchase items from the public market. Any player can list items on the market, and get paid when another player makes a purchase.

📈 Accelerating Growth

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Each action created by a user is capped by AP(Action Point) which refills every 8 hours. There are 2 possible methods to refill energy.
  • Slower method: Wait 8 hours for the meter to be fully charged.
  • Faster method: Purchase AP potions from the market and use it.
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Crafting items also take a set amount of time, which can be accelerated by hourglasses that can be purchased from the market.

🔨 Crafting Items

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Upgrading item
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Crafting item
NCG is not required to craft equipment with fewer than two materials, but NCG must be used to craft 3+ material combinations. The cost is (combined material-2) ✕ 10 NCG.
NCG is required for crafting stronger items since it requires multiple materials to be combined.

🤺 Challenging Other Players

Players use tickets to start a battle with other players.
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Along with the glory, players earn ingredients that can be used to craft single use buffs.

🏦 Staking NCG

In Nine Chronicles, players can receive AP potions, Hourglasses, and other limited consumables regularly by staking NCG. Specifically, AP potions and Hourglasses, which are crucial for the character’s growth acceleration, can only be generated by staking NCG.
The demand for these two items would naturally increase as the competition between the players intensifies. This finally contributes to the appreciation of NCG. Along with receiving in-game items that can be sold to the other players, the staking feature also effectively reduces the surplus supply of NCG. In this way, the game business is shared along with the players!

NCG Distribution Structure

*Halving release schedule: 10 NCG per block mined (10 second target) with 4 year half-life = 31,104,000 Tokens (Year 1) ~= 12.5% of Total Mining Pool