World Boss

What is World Boss?

The newly premiered β€˜World Boss’ is the first feature that Nine Chronicles presents where multiple users can participate simultaneously. Players can now cooperate and compete at the same time for better and better rewards.

More information & details about the World Boss is on the way. We will announce you once we have updated the relative information. Please visit to our discord server to get the up-to-date information.

Fenrir of the Abyss

Do you remember 🐺Fenrir, the merciless monster wolf from World 4? We all thought that we had successfully defeated him and he would not make a return. We were wrong.

After the fall of Fenrir, this soul has fallen into the bottomless abyss of Ginnungagap, the void. There, he was consumed by the dark energy of the void, not living nor dead but controlled by the power of the void without his own will.

Total HP of the world boss, Fenrir atm, is shared among the players under β€œGlobal HP.” Damages from each individual battle will be added and marked off from the global HP. Once the world boss has fallen, a stronger world boss will be regenerated for more challenges.

As more adventurers participate in the battle and defeat more and more bosses, the rewards get greater and greater.


There are various ways players can get rewards from the World Boss.

Battle Reward

Battle rewards will be given according to individual battles. The reward will be given immediately after the battle.

Battle Grade Reward

Battle Grade Reward will be given each time you have a breakthrough to the next grade. In other words, if you start with B-Grade but move on to A-Grade, you will get a reward. This reward will be refreshed every season. Theoretically, you can get up to 5 Battle Grade (including achieving D-Grade) rewards during one season.

Boss Kill Reward

Boss Kill Reward will be given out to the players who participated once the boss has been killed. The reward will vary according to the number of participation and ranks.

Season Reward

Season Rewards will be given out once the season is over. Rewards will vary according to the ranking & monster collection levels (Bonus rewards for Monster Collection will be updated with future versions).

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