The in-game shop is the place where players can trade items with other players. The shop is a fundamental part of Nine Chronicles as it enables true ownership by giving players the ability to actively participate in the economy and openly trade their in-game assets. As stated in Core Axioms, the Nine Chronicles economy is sustained by the player-base and is driven by supply & demand. The shop is the driving force behind the ideology of Nine Chronicles for a gaming ecosystem where the players can shape their own gaming experience.

Purchasing Items

The Buy page of the shop gives players the option to filter through all the Items that have been listed for sale by other players. The currency that the shop operates on is $NCG and players can spend their supply to acquire an item of their choosing.

In order to find an Item that suits their needs, players can use the various filters in the Buy page to search through the various listings. Items can be found based on their type, Combat Power or even listing price. All of the available Equipment items that have been listed for sale can be found and be purchased in the shop.

It is worth mentioning that Action Power Potions and Hourglasses can be found in the Materials tab of the shop and are purchasable.

When a player makes a purchase via the shop, the purchased item will be delivered via the Mail Tab shortly after.

Selling Items

The Sell page of the shop gives players the option to list their items for sale. When a player chooses which item to list for sale, they can then set an $NCG price at which the item can be sold. The sale will complete when a buyer purchases the item, at which time the seller will receive the NCG amount that they listed the item for with a tax deducted.

Players can retrieve or change the NCG price of their listed Items from the shop at any time, if they have not been purchased by another player.

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