Item Crafting

Shortly after fighting for the first time in the Nine Chronicles world, players are able to start Crafting their own unique NFT Items. Before a player can craft a specific item, they first have to unlock the recipe for that item by defeating the required stage in the Campaign. Recipes require different materials depending on the type of the equipment, its grade, and the overall power of the item.

When a player has gathered the required materials for a recipe, they can combine them and start crafting the item by placing it in one of the four slots of the Crafting Queue. This is when the stat values of the item are determined along with the number of blocks it will take to complete crafting. Generally, the higher the level of the recipe the more materials and the more blocks an item is going to require to craft.

As mentioned in Time in Nine Chronicles, players are able to use Hourglasses to speed up the procedure and immediately complete the crafting of any item. The recipe page of each item is divided into three separate tabs:

  • Basic: The base version of the item

  • Premium: An upgraded version of the item that requires more materials and has a higher chance for better stat values.

  • Mimir: Placeholder for future recipes.

The Star System

When items are crafted, their secondary stat values are randomly generated as a means to diversify them and create a different power level for each item. When a player crafts an item, a dice is rolled for each possible secondary stat value. Each possible secondary stat value has the probability of being acquired during crafting written next to the value. In the following example, you can see that the recipe for a Solid Belt (Earth) has an 8% chance of individually acquiring the "Speed Increase" Skill while there is a combined probability of 4.0% to acquire all of the secondary stat values. If the roll determines that a secondary stat will be acquired, then the value of the secondary stat will also be randomly selected from the available range in the parentheses. You can find a detailed list of all the Item Recipes along with their available stat values and the required materials here.

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