Equipment Items refer to the Items that are directly usable by players during any kind of combat in the Nine Chronicles world. These items can be crafted, upgraded, and traded freely by their owners.

Different equipment items provide different kinds of stat values to the players. It is a core gameplay aspect in Nine Chronicles for players to prioritize which equipment Items to craft, which to buy, and in which order to upgrade, in order to pass through the difficult challenges in the Campaign Mode and grow stronger.

Equipment Items are accompanied by Combat Power which acts as an indicator of how strong an item is. The formula which calculates the Combat Power is:

CP=HPβˆ—0.7+ATKβˆ—10.5+DEFβˆ—10.5+SPDβˆ—300+HITβˆ—2.3CP= HP*0.7 + ATK*10.5 + DEF*10.5 + SPD*300 + HIT*2.3

The stat values of Items are divided into Base Stat values and Secondary Stat values. This distinction will come in handy at a later stage when we discuss Item Upgrading in detail.

Every character has six equipment slots available which correspond to a specific item type. Generally, equipment items have different base stats depending on their type as shown below:

EquipmentBase Stat











Elemental Properties

Equipment Items have a specific elemental property associated with them. These are Wind, Water, Fire, and Land. While there will be more utilities for the elemental properties system in the future, currently, there is a 20% damage boost between the attacking character and the enemy based on this cyclical design. The element of the attacker is based on the weapon they have equipped while the defender's element is based on their armor.

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