The Campaign is the core gameplay mode in Nine Chronicles and the foundation of the in-game economy. Players face fierce opponents throughout the stages of the five available worlds. The Campaign currently consists of 300 unique stages and players have to fight through each of them to reach the end of the Nine Chronicles world!

The Campaign stages get progressively more difficult as players pass through the different worlds and more complex strategies have to be devised to be able to challenge them. The number and traits of enemies vary between the stages, and the elements and attacks of the enemies differ between the different worlds.

By winning against enemies in the campaign stages, players are rewarded with materials that are used to craft valuable items. As they defeat harder opponents and progress through the campaign, they are rewarded with more valuable materials and are able to create stronger items while increasing the strength of their character. Players can find information on what Materials will be rewarded on the Information page of the Campaign stages.

The Nine Worlds

Each world in the Nine Chronicles realm contains 50 stages. The 50th Stage of each World contains the Boss of the world and poses a significant challenge for the players. As of now, these are the available worlds in Nine Chronicles:

  • Yggdrasil

  • Alfheim

  • Svartalfheim

  • Asgard

  • Muspelfheim

  • Jotunheim

  • TBD x 3

Campaign Entry

While it will be described in more detail in Actions and Transactions, it is necessary to briefly explain the main energy mechanism of The Campaign. To enter any campaign stage, players have to spend Action Points. Every stage fight requires 5 Action Points. Once players deplete their action points by entering the campaign stages, they can refresh their Action Points and continue battling by using the Prosperity Meter. The Prosperity Meter refreshes every 1700 blocks or approximately 4.5 hours. Alternatively, players can refresh their Action Points by using Action Points Potions at any time.

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