Staking & Monster Collection

Staking: Monster Collection

The Monster Collection is the first iteration of a staking mechanism in Nine Chronicles. Players are able to "lock" their $NCG for a one-month period and get rewarded with Hourglasses and AP potions on a weekly basis. Contrary to most traditional games with an energy system, in Nine Chronicles it is players that are able to generate the AP Potions necessary for continuing to progress in the game.

You're able to stake as small as 50 NCGs. Each staking level requires a 10 times larger than the previous level. This means that staking level 1 starts with 50 NCG then 500 NCGs, 5,000 NCGs and on.

How to Staking NCG

  • Run the PC launcher. (If you are a mobile user, please refer to the 'Import your mobile account to PC')

  • Complete the login.

  • Click on 'Staking' in the top right corner of the launcher.

  • Press 'Edit,' enter the desired amount, and click 'Save.'

Let's get into more details.

First of all, you can use the reward simulator to calculate the reward based on the staking amount. This might save you time before diving into the more detailed descriptions that follow.

Go to the 'Stake' menu on the Nine Chronicles portal and click the 'Simulate Staking and Check APR' button.

Also, below you can find a table with the amount of NCG required to unlock each monster of the collection and the equivalent reward in AP Potions, hourglasses and other materials per week.

The AP Potions and Hourglasses rewards from the Monster Collection are tradeable in the Shop.

Here's an example of how this system works.

Let’s say you have staked 2,300 NCGs. If the amount of NCG is between two levels, your current level will be the lower of the two levels. In other words, if you have staked 2,300 NCGs, your staking level will be level 2 (between 500 and 5,000 NCGs). Also, you will be receiving 287 Hourglasses and 4 AP Potions. So how to get those numbers? Here’s how.

Crystal grinding bonus and Arena Reward bonus

Moreover, each level will provide you with different benefits for the gameplay, such as a crystal grinding bonus, and arena reward bonus (Seasons & Championship).

For details, please refer to the table below (last updated: June 28th, 2022)

WNCG Staking

You can stake WNCG on WNCG Staking. Unlike Monster Collection, WNCG Staking is distributing rewards to the WNCG-WETH pool liquidity providers. Therefore, you need to deposit your WNCG (and ETH, if you want) to the liquidity pool on Balancer. You can earn WNCG and BAL rewards by staking on WNCG Staking. Please check the WNCG Staking document for more details.

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