Reward Model

In order for the vision behind Nine Chronicles to come to life, a reward model that rewards players for their participation and engagement has to be present. The Nine Chronicles ecosystem integrates various mechanisms to maintain the necessary sustainability and allow growth for the players.

Players play through the Campaign to gather materials and unlock new, stronger recipes. They can then craft new items which they can either use to continue progressing in the Campaign, use in the various Events to get better rewards, or list for sale in the Market. If a player is unable to further progress in the campaign they can immediately purchase stronger items through the market or upgrade their items to continue growing stronger.

The are various ways to approach the reward model of Nine Chronicles. Some players choose to optimize their earnings by elaborate trading while others strive to stay on the top of the leaderboard and get the best rewards during the events. Players can change their course of action throughout their Nine Chronicles journey following the quickly changing landscape that is the open economy of Nine Chronicles.

Some of the mechanisms that Nine Chronicles incorporates to ensure that players of different levels are able to experience the reward model in a fair and decentralized way are the following:

  1. Players have to use resources (NCG, Materials) to progress through the Campaign

  2. Competitive game modes reward players based on the value of their items, strategical thinking, and time dedicated to the game.

  3. Players of all levels can craft & trade items that aid in increasing players standing during events

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