Creating a sustainable and decentralized in-game economy with zero entry fees while the player-base is constantly expanding is no easy task. After a year in the mainnet and with tens of thousands of players joining the Nine Chronicles ecosystem, the development team was able to monitor and identify certain areas where the in-game economy could improve. In an attempt to further solidify and reinforce the fundamental Core Axioms and the reward model, an update is currently being designed and developed.

Nine Chronicles Crystals (NCC) in a proposed sub-currency for the Nine Chronicles world which aims to minimize the impact of the expanding player-base by providing more ways for players to utilize the excess of Items that they create in their Nine Chronicles journey. As time passes and more players join the game, it is only natural that more and more items will be generated and remain in the network if there is not a steady influx of new players to acquire and use them. There is a need for a system to give players the option to translate the value of the items that their character is not equipped with in a sub-currency and essentially remove them from the total available pool of items.

The introduction of crystals aims to improve upon these aspects of the reward model:

  • Lower the earning threshold for low-level players

  • Maintain Item value over time

  • Safeguard the economy from an exponentially growing player-base

Acquisition of Crystals

The main way to acquire Nine Chronicles Crystals is by introducing a disassembling mechanism for Items. Players will be able to immediately translate the value of their Items into a usable sub-currency with various in-game utilities. There are additional ways of acquiring crystals being considered with the goal of maximizing the impact of this Crystals on the economy. Some of those include:

  • Disassembling Items

  • Unsuccessful Item upgrades

  • Event rewards

  • Trading

Use Cases of Crystals

A lot of thought has gone into designing Nine Chronicles Crystals in a fun and engaging way for players, without compromising any of the intended improvements to the reward model. The goal of these use cases is to empower players with more possibilities on how to earn and grow within the Nine Chronicles ecosystem. A particular concept revolves around using crystals to acquire limited-time buffs during the PvP events to help players rank higher on the leaderboards. The core ideas that are currently being considered are:

  • Seasonal Arena buffs

  • Seasonal Event passes for better rewards

  • Increase of Item upgrading probabilities

  • Crafting or rare/unique Items

  • Rerolling sec can be found here.

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