Nine Chronicles

Economic System

In the Economic System we are going to provide information on the development team's overall vision towards decentralized gaming, the mechanisms that Nine Chronicles integrates in order to provide the players with a thriving and sustainable economy, and present some of the updates currently in the works towards improving the longevity of the Nine Chronicles economy even further.​
The development's team vision for decentralized gaming can be defined by the long-term goals described below. In order for players to be able to grow alongside the game, these are the core axioms that the Nine Chronicles economy is founded on and the overall direction that every new update is aiming towards.

Core Axioms

  • The in-game economy functions independently and requires minimal involvement from the development team
  • The Nine Chronicles economy is sustainable regardless of an influx of new players.
  • In-game assets' value is decided by supply and demand in a decentralized way by the player-base.
  • Players can start the Nine Chronicles with zero entry fees.
  • Players can exercise true ownership over their in-game assets.
  • Value and time put into a player's character should be reflected in the number of rewards that a player receives.