Nine Chronicles Software Grant Program

Building Nine Chronicles Together
Nine Chronicles is a fully open-sourced online RPG without servers — like Bitcoin or BitTorrent, the gamers and miners connect to each other to power a distributed game network. Set in a vast fantasy world, it is governed by its players, and supported by a complex economy where supply and demand are the greatest currency.
We believe decentralized infrastructure has created new possibilities for online gaming, where communities can become the actual owners of an online world. We are proud to say that we kept our promise from the very beginning by fully open sourcing our repositories for Nine Chronicles! Now players and developers alike can use any part of the game, from the beautiful bespoke 2D assets to in-game logic and code.
We are offering grants to developers and modders who can build tools and content for the Nine Chronicles ecosystem. Building something from our wishlist will greatly help the community; however, we are also interested in hearing from people who have cool ideas not featured on our wishlist. There is still a chance we can help fund the idea.
The grants we provide may not cover 100% of the development costs. We will do our best to fairly compensate all community efforts with a mixture of fiat, NCG, and special in-game items.
There are 2 ways that Planetarium can help fund teams:
Teams may be rewarded retroactively for their efforts and without the need for an application. This will be purely based on historical results and community impact.
Teams actively apply via this program in order to get paid as they work, on a milestone-by-milestone basis.

Grant Offer

We award grants for incentivize team to develop the Nine Chronicles ecosystem. Grant sizes are starting from 500 NCG but it can be up to 20,000 NCG if the project size is huge. Mostly, we offer NCG but if the project needs to get Fiat currency for specific reasons, let us know.


The following is our list of criteria for assessing teams to fund.
Ideal length: 3 months.
Best to structure the work as 1 month = 1 milestone.
Open source license preferred
e.g. Apache 2, MIT, GPLv3.
Max funding per application: 20,000 NCG.
We prefer to pay in NCG or items, but amount of fiat can be possible.
Teams shouldn’t look to cover all of their development costs with a grant.
Teams should indicate why they are interested in supporting the Nine Chronicles Ecosystem and indicate why their team is a good fit.

Project Wishlist

The following is a list of projects that we would like to see be created.
Block explorer with game-like UI
Wallet integration for NCG
Browser extensions
API RPC clients in other languages (Javascript, Python, or language of your choice)
Miner monitoring tools
Ecosystem reward automation tool
Discord bots
Active requests from our Discord's suggestion channel

How to apply

Fill in the application form below with all the necessary details.
One question in the application form requires creating a Google Document (or similar) that includes the following information:
Tell us a bit about your project goals, motivations, needs, challenges, and any other information you feel is pertinent for us to know.
Include a roadmap that details the software specification over a number of milestones.
Here is a template for the document: link.
Once we’ve had a chance to review your application we will respond with any necessary changes.
Completed proposals will be reviewed at the next committee meeting and then we will let teams know if they have been successful with their application. You'll hear back from someone on the Ecosystem Support team very soon!
We only collect the following information submitted and will not use or share for any purposes other than evaluation.

Application Form

To apply, please see the following application form (also available at this link).

Get in touch!

If you have any questions that are not covered here then email us at contact@planetariumhq.com or come say hello on our Discord channel!