😸D:CC Nine Chronicles PFP

The First NFT Project of Nine Chronicles

Intro D:CC(De:Centralized Cat)

Official Website: https://dcc.nine-chronicles.com

We welcome you to our most distinguished society created to worship the one and only Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat. We are the great D:CC. Owning a D:CC issued PFP NFT means that you are accepted as a member with the eternal blessing of the CAT.

Our NFT is not just a simple profile picture, but an alternate identity within the Nine Chronicles universe where you can immerse yourself in play, craft, and earning experience. Your PFP can also act as your costume in Nine Chronicles. With your unique appearance, you can fight against the brutal monsters of the realm and compete with other gallant warriors in the arena!


NFT Minting

These are the final numbers of the NFTs that we are issuing. There is a total of 3,000 NFTs, and 2,800 of them will be sold during the Pre-sales.

  • Pre-sales: 2,800 NFTs

  • For the Team: 200 NFTs

  • In Total: 3,000 NFTs

For more minting information: [D:CC NFT Sales] πŸŽ‰Minting ScheduleπŸŽ‰

Our NFT is officially sold out. Thank you everyone for participating! - 2022/9/23

Staking and Mileage

In addition to Staking, this update will include the debut of a holder-exclusive token/currency, a.k.a; the β€œMileage (DCCM).” The longer, and the more NFTs you stake, the greater rewards will be. Consequently, the more miles you earn, the greater the benefits get!

D:CC Staking will be one of the most important features in the D:CC Universe. New mileage with this update (code name: DCCM). This is just one of the new features that D:CC has prepared for you. we will continue to introduce new content and updates that will not only expand the value of D:CC NFT but also, on a greater scale, the value of WNCG, NCG, and Nine Chronicles Universe throughout the Web3 Market.

  • With D:CC Staking, you can earn DCCM(D:CC Mileage Token), and WNCG.

    • Also, during the first year (’22 Dec ~ ’23 Dec) of D:CC Staking system, about 600K WNCG will be rewarded to the holders who have completed a specific D:CC Collection.

  • With DCCM, you will be able to purchase various items from the Mileage Store (Coming soon) and receive numerous perks! Visit https://dcc.nine-chronicles.com/staking for Staking!

  • Schedule

    • Staking opens: Thursday, December 15th, 06:00 AM UTC

    • Rewarding Mechanism starts: Friday, December 16th, 06:00 AM UTC (24 hours after staking opens)


  • DCCM is a symbol for D:CC Mileage.

  • D:CC Mileage is one of the rewards that you will receive as you stake your D:CC NFTs.

  • With DCCM, you will be able to purchase various items from the Mileage Store.

D:CC Mileage Store

  • You can purchase new items that can be used in Nine Chronicles’ D:CC Mileage Store. This means that there will be items only supplied via the mileage store.

  • A variety of items to expand the D:CC NFT system will be added to the Mileage Store.

  • All items will be sold in the form of NFT, enabling secondary trading on OpenSea.

D:CC Staking Collection

  • Within the D:CC Staking system, there are 2 types of staking; General staking and Collection staking.

  • Collection staking means you must stake specific D:CC NFTs meeting certain requirements.

  • You will receive a designated reward once you have completed the collection.

  • Even if you have not completed any of the collections, you can still receive the general staking reward according to the number of NFTs you staked.

  • Not all Collections are permanent. Different types of Collections may be added and/or disappear with prior announcements.

D:CC Collection for WNCG reward

  • To receive WNCG as a reward, you MUST complete the "Collection 1. WNCG Activator".

  • This collection is the easiest collection to complete among other collections.

  • As soon as your WNCG collection is complete, you will start to receive WNCG reward according to your total number of staked D:CC NFT.

Plans for DCCM issuance

  • DCCM will be only issued via D:CC Staking. This means there will be no prior minting of DCCM for other purposes.

  • The issuance cap will be set at 100M (100,000,000) DCCM per year. 100M DCCM is an issued amount in cases where 100% (total circulated amount) of D:CC has been staked. If only 50% of D:CC NFT has been staked, only 50% (50M) DCCM will be issued.

  • DCCM is expected to be issued for the next 10 years, and there will be no more issuance after.

  • Minted DCCM will be exchanged with other items from the Mileage Store, and the collected DCCM will circulate via other features of D:CC NFT that will be updated later on.

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