Software Grant Application Template

Name of project:
Please provide a brief description of the project that indicates how it fits with the Nine Chronicles Ecosystem.
Please give an indication as to why your team is interested in creating this project.
Team Members:
<Team member 1>
<Team member 2>
Team's Website:
<Links to website>
Team's Repos:
<Links to GitHub or similar>
Project Overview:
This sections allows for a longer description of the project.
Feel free to include:
Diagrams (e.g. of the tech stack).
Pictures of the current UI, or mockups of the expected UI.
Link to a PoC of the website (if applicable).
Development Roadmap:
Please provide a roadmap, as a series of milestones, that outlines the expected functionality of the software.
Ideally, each milestone corresponds to roughly one month of real time.
For each milestone:
Please be sure to include a specification of the software. The level of detail must be enough so that we are able to verify that the software meets the specification.
Please include total amount of funding requested per milestone.
Please include a commitment to documentation inside each milestone.
This will be necessary for assessing the delivered software. The documentation should indicate how to test the software.
We will need to run dynamic testing on the software to ensure that it can handle inputs which are not hardcoded.
Good documentation also ensures re-use by the community.
Please indicate which license you will use (e.g. Apache 2, MIT, GPLv3).
Please commit to providing a docker container for the delivery of your project.
Please indicate the number of Full-Time Employees working on each milestone, and include the number of days along with their cost per day.